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What we love about Facebook/Instagram ads is that their targeting options are endless. Here are some examples of the powerful search tools available.

  • Find clients who live nearby and are looking for services close to their place.

  • Find customers who are planning to get married in the coming months.

  • Reach customers who have a birthday coming up and may be looking for a venue or some way to treat themselves.

  • Set up retargeting and reach customers who visited your website or watched your Instagram video for, let’s say, 1 min, but didn’t place an order for some reason.

  • Down-sell, cross-sell or up-sell to your current customers.

  • Find your clients everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, messenger, third-party websites.

  • Target people with a certain income or working in certain fields or positions, living in a specific district of your city. People with specific interests and behaviors.

ENDLESS targeting options! No matter what you are looking for: traffic, leads, video views, followers or post interactions - you can get everything with Facebook and Instagram ads. And for a better price than Google or Yelp ads. The power can be yours! IF, you know how to use it. In this course we will teach you HOW. Step by step, detail by detail. Even if you are clueless about social media and have never worked with any ads before, we will explain to you how it’s done using simple language and very detailed tutorials.

Any questions left? Contact us! We’d be happy to help.



Instagram Essentials

This course is perfect for anyone who has an Instagram account and wants to monetize it. No matter who you are: a blogger, a business owner, a social media expert. We will teach you:

  • How to set up your page correctly: make your page searchable for new users, make your account safe from banning and hacking, create an attractive profile picture and write the perfect bio.

  • How to create highly engaging content.

  • How to do storytelling that sells and engages.

  • Where to get ideas for your posts.

  • What tools to use.

  • How to grow your page followers: all the organic and paid methods that exist.

  • And much more.

The only reason NOT to get this course - If you already are a big blogger/brand with a well-established content and growth strategy. See you later, Kim K.

If you are a beginner, or your page isn’t growing as fast as you want, the course is exactly what you need.

Any questions left? Contact us! We’d be happy to help.


3-Day webinar training “Instagram and Facebook for aesthetic practices, providers and their social media managers”

  • Are you an aesthetic provider, practice or their social media manager?

  • Did you try to market your services on Social Media but didn't get the results you wanted and feel that it doesn't work for you?

  • What's keeping you from making a bigger impact on Social Media, translate those results to profits, get more patients and scale your business?

Here is your chance to find an answer to all these questions!


Who will benefit from our courses?

  • 1. Freelancers and social media specialists of any level

    If you want to build your career in Social Media, remember: if you know how to bring sales and followers to your client, you are priceless. We can make you priceless.

    Our signature courses are useful even if you’re an experienced Social Media specialist. The course is based on our combined years of experience. You’ll learn tricks you’ve never heard of before.

  • 2. Business owners

    If you’ve just set up an Instagram or Facebook page for your business and want to know how to manage it, we will teach you.

    If your page is as old as the Backstreet Boys’ songs, but it doesn’t bring you clients and doesn’t grow at all, we will help to fix it.

    If you want to get more followers, sales, clients, website leads, video views, etc. – you’re in the right place.

    Thinking of cross-sell, down-sell, up-sell? Retargeting? Customer acquisition and retention? We’ve got you covered!

  • 3. Instagram bloggers

    Do you dream of getting more followers and monetizing your blog? Need higher post reach and more post impressions? Is your Engagement Rate very low and you want to fix it? Let’s get started!


- Social Media/ Digital Marketing Manager with 8 years of experience
- Former Head of Social Media Team of international e-commerce company
- Social Media corporate trainer: LightInTheBox International
- CEO of The Setters Social Media Agency
- Directed launch of 12 social media channels
- Total followers gained over 15M
- Social Media revenue increase from 160% to 320% (for different projects)
- 50+ satisfied clients

Facebook Certification

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Masha, your session was incredibly impactful and provided wonderful insight into how practices can effectively utilize Facebook and Instagram to communicate with existing, and acquire new patients.

Edward Wynne, Senior Director of financial services
and Allergan Practice Consulting (APC) operations for BSM Consulting


- The social media session was incredible, just a little long. Very good information though - and not "fluff" - which was great.
- Masha was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about social media marketing. It was a lot of information crammed into one session. I found myself making sure I kept it real, realizing many of my accounts are needing the basic fundamentals of how to best approach marketing with social media.

Allergan Practice Consulting managers


Masha, thank you so much for your ads course! I previously tried the free course by Facebook, thinking it would be enough. But, turns out, it wasn’t. Your course completely changed my understanding of how to run Ads on IG and our whole marketing approach. I’m now using my new knowledge to promote my next pastry master class. Thank you again! 🧡

Nika Mirzoyan, Pastry Chef of Patisserie de Nicole


Thank you for your detailed and informative ads course. I’ve never imagined so many targeting opportunities. I used the blue promote button to promote our posts and thought I was running ads. The information about USPs and mindmaps is just. We are actually planning to use it for our Google ads as well - little trick for your future students.
The only thing I regret - that I didn’t buy the plan with ads expert help. We prepared the media plan based on your suggestions, but it would be great if your experts could check it out. Let me know if there is a way we can upgrade our plan. THANK YOU again!


Masha, I just wanted to say thank you for your ads course! I found it very informative. It's not a bunch of fluffy and vague information, it’s truly step-by-step guide into ads marketing. Definitely worth the investment! I also want to thank your course support team. They always responded to my questions in such a timely manner. I will highly recommend you guys, very satisfied with the course so far and the quick responses.



To see the detailed plan of each course, go HERE.

Ads Expert

Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

  • 7 text modules.
  • 1 video module.
  • 7 downloadable bonuses.
  • 1 review quiz.
  • 3 metric tons of valuable information.

Ads Expert+

Ads Expert course with professional support of our ad experts.
It includes:

  • Access to Ads Expert Course, bonuses and review quiz.
  • Tasks (homework).
  • Homework checks and feedback by our team professional ad experts.

Ads Expert Premium

Ads Expert course with personal consultation of Social Media strategist.

  • Access to Ads Expert Course, its bonuses and review quiz.
  • Personal one-on-one consultation (1.5h) with Masha Varnavski.

Instagram Essentials

Perfect for anyone who has an Instagram account and wants to monetize it.

  • Instagram basics.
  • Content strategy.
  • Page growth strategy.
  • 9 photo presets ($55 value).
  • And much more.

Coming soon


3-Day webinar training “Instagram and Facebook for aesthetic practices, providers and their social media managers".

  • Day 1: All about content (3 hours)
  • Day 2: Growth strategies (3 hours)
  • Day 3: Ads (3 hours)

Webinar records, useful handouts, live time support Facebook group


Q:  Is this course right for me?

A:   We designed this course with a lot of crossover appeal so if any of the following sounds like you, you’re in the right place.
- You’re a beginner looking to become an expert in SM. If you want to build a career in Social Media and start earning A LOT, all of our courses are must haves.
- For experienced SM managers. If you already work in Social Media, we will help you level up your knowledge. You’ll learn tricks and strategies you’ve never heard of before.
- For bloggers. Learn how to gain more followers, increase your engagement and start monetizing your blog.
- For business owners. Learn how to get more traffic to your website, more leads and sales, increase your brand awareness and earn your customer’s loyalty.

Q:  What plan should I go for?

A:   It depends on your goal.
If you have a well established blog or business and you want to start using ads to get more followers or sales, choose the course “Ads Expert”. This course is also perfect for SM managers of any level.
It has 3 tiers:
(a) Ads Expert: You work on it all on your own.
(b) Ads Expert+: You have homework and professional support of our ad experts
(c) Ads Expert Premium: You have 1 consulting session with our expert at the end of the course, so you can ask questions about ads, get help with problems you faced or even get help to set up a campaign together.
If you’re just starting your Instagram journey or your page isn’t growing as fast as you want, or your Post Reach/Engagement is very low, go for “Instagram Essentials”.

Q:  How does it work?

A:  We give you the access to the course platform for 20 days. Your study schedule is completely up to you. Study whenever and wherever you want. After 20 days you can extend the access for additional fee.

Q:  How does it look?

A:  You will have access to the text modules and video modules. At the end of the course you can take a test (optional). Some material (bonuses) can be downloaded.

Q:  What do I need?

A:  You will need a phone/tablet/laptop and Internet. That’s it.

Q:  What about customer support?

A:  We provide the customer support. So if you face any problem (technical issue with the platform, can’t access the platform, etc.) or you have any questions, just email us:

Q:  What are your guarantees?

A:  No vague information. Only proven strategies and tactics that you can learn and apply to your business right away.

Q:  How do I pay?

A:  Simply choose your plan and proceed with payment. We accept all types of credit/debit cards.


We’ve made put a lot of high yield content into our guidebooks and cheat sheets and we are crazy enough to give it away for free. Choose the one you need!

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