Instagram and TikTok Management

Instagram and TikTok Management are our top selling services. At this moment we manage over 40 social media pages for businesses from different niches (e-commerce, mobile apps, B2B businesses, plastic surgeons, dentists, med spas, injectors, etc.)

Our Instagram packages:

Instagram Management Tier 1 ($4000/month, 6 people on the project)

  • Instagram Social media strategy with a focus on sales and lead generation
  • Content plan
  • Content scenarios
  • Copywriting
  • Professional design (Feed/Stories)
  • Video editing
  • Storytelling
  • Memes creation (regular work by a memologist to create humorous and unique exclusive trending memes on your subject)
  • Infographics creation (development of infographic posts and materials on your topic that make it easier to understand the nuances of your product and attract customers)
  • Posting/scheduling
  • Community management
  • Lead generation
  • Post boosting
  • Monthly detailed report

Instagram Management Tier 2 ($4950/month, 7 people on the project)

  • All from Tier 1
  • Facebook management
  • Google My Business management
  • Calculation and analytics of Leads in the table
  • Professional design with updates every 3 months
  • Branded personal filters (one every 3 months)
  • IG shopping tab setup
  • Guidebooks: the mechanics of lead generation through the creation of an info product that increases the credibility of the profile's expertise, plus stimulates subscriptions
  • Unlimited edits to texts: we have a team of 10+ copywriters working in the agency, and we will select a writer whose tone of voice you are 100% happy with
  • Unlimited edits to designs
  • Video and photo shoots in your office for use in social networks (once per month)
Instagram and TikTok Management

Not sure whether to go with an agency or hire in-house?
Let’ us break it down for you:

In-house vs. Agency

In-house SM manager:

  • Usually good at several tasks, but cannot professionally perform all of them: copywriting, design, video and photo editing, post boosting, lead generation, creating memes, designing infographics, face filters, etc. Many parts of the job will be sub-par or require additional human resources
  • Can leave company at any moment
  • Limited availability on weekends and holidays
  • Requires a salary and benefits ranging from 50-80K per year
  • May experience creative burnout or writer’s block
  • May need unplanned days off, sick leave and vacation time which can throw a wrench into the workflow
  • Unlikely to be able to cover multiple languages and time zones
  • May have limited range of expertise or lack an eye for aesthetics

Agency Management

  • A team of seasoned specialists will be servicing your case:
  1. Social media strategist for creating content strategy, plan and timeline
  2. Copywriter to create a consistent voice for your brand
  3. Photo and video editor to create awesome looking content
  4. Storyteller to run games, activities, and create an interactive environment in your Stories that engages viewers
  5. Targeting manager for post boosting
  6. Community manager for content posting and replying to comments and DMs
  7. A responsive account manager who communicates clearly for a smooth workflow
  8. Photographer & videographer for to shoot your content on-site (Tier 2)
  • Contracts guarantee continued coverage of all your needs over the specified time frame
  • Weekends and holidays are always covered, the posts and content delivery never stops
  • No need to cover paid leaves, medical leaves, health insurance, benefits or bonuses, etc.
  • We rotate strategists between projects every 6 months, so they always have a fresh eye for your content
  • We work with over 40 social media pages so we know what works and what does not
  • Looking to launch internationally? No problem, we can duplicate your content in Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian
Instagram and TikTok Management

Why choose The Setters Agency for your Instagram & TikTok needs?

  • We are well-known professionals
  • We run Instagram and TikTok marketing for 40+ businesses worldwide
  • We always can cover ALL your needs: from website development, to ads on every platform, find the best influencers for your brand, run your email marketing, develop a loyalty rewards app for your clients and so much more!
  • We are quick, agile and consistent with deadlines
  • We are data-driven and sales-oriented. When it comes to IG/TikTok management, we track success based on the number of new clients we bring in and sales that are made
  • We do not bring bots and any fake activity
  • After 3-4 months of working with us, 80% of our clients notice a 3-4x engagement growth
  • After 4-6 months of working with us, 60% of our clients observe growth in lead numbers/sales/patients that their Instagram generates
  • After 6-10 months of working with us, 100% of our clients who have never bought any fake followers before coming to us, notice stable monthly growth on Instagram
  • 5-star rating on Clutch - the most influential platform for rating marketing companies
  • Among Top 100 women owned marketing agencies
  • Meta and Google certified
  • Instagram’s most followed agency by aesthetic providers and practices