The Setters Agency is a top-tier social media and digital marketing company certified by Meta and Google. Specializing in small- and medium-sized businesses, we excel in boosting Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube engagement and followers, driving more leads and appointments, enhancing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and generating more sales. We specialize in data-driven, sales-oriented strategies tailored to clients worldwide across various sectors, including medicine, aesthetics, tech startups, and e-commerce. Whether you're aiming to gain followers for your med spa's Instagram page, get new patients for your practice, acquire new clients for your B2B company, drive app installs for your startup, or increase online sales for your shop, we have the solutions you need to succeed!


So you’re on a budget, you’re ready to work hard, but you just need an expert to tell you how. Tell us about your business, your goals, your budget – we will customize a social media strategy for you. WE plan, YOU execute. We provide you with an easy-to-understand instructional guide that contains your customized marketing strategy.  All you have to do is follow the steps to make it happen. That’s it.

Plan A: Instagram/Facebook strategy.

We will research your competitors (their presence, strategy and activity on Instagram),

develop dynamic content, paid social and influencer strategies for your Instagram and Facebook. We’ll provide you with designer treatments for your Feed and help you develop a unique voice for your brand. All of our services are customized to your needs. With our strategies you can increase your brand awareness; elevate your online presence on Instagram; build an engaging and loyal community and help you to sell your products/service through Instagram.  

Price: from $3500

Plan B: Marketing 360.

We provide you with full marketing plan, that includes: market research, competitor research, SWOT analysis, website analysis, social media strategy, email marketing strategy, product positioning strategy, branding, tone of voice, must-do corrections and settings for your website and more – you get a 200 page document to guide you and your team throughout the entire marketing process. You and team just need to execute the step-by-step plan we custom-make for you. No need to hire an expensive outside marketing agency to execute for you – your team is capable, simply empower them with our detailed plan.

Price: $5000

Instagram / TikTok / Facebook Management Service

Our most popular service! Get your peace of mind back by placing your Instagram/TikTok/Facebook page in our hands. Our experienced content managers will bring your pages to the next level! We’ll develop a community with all your followers, showcase your services, and products, grow Instagram/TikTok/Facebook followers base, turn them into trusted consumers, and organically develop your business.

Here are some of the ways Instagram account management services boosts your business:

  • Reputation management

  • Enhanced Google rankings

  • Website traffic

  • Generating leads

  • Interactive engagement

  • Follower growth and awareness

  • Daily management including daily posts

  • Custom content creation

Based on our average results, we grow Engagement by 3x-4x and Stories Reach 2x-5x in 3 months.

Stress-free for you, effective for your business.

Price: from $3200/month Read more

Paid Social / Targeting

What is your target for ads? More followers? Sales? New leads? All of the above? We can make it happen. Choose your channels: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat. We’ll help you get the ads up and running.

  • Creating an Ads Manager/Ads Account

  • Installing FB Pixel and Event codes for your website

  • Creating Facebook catalogs for e-commerce

  • Producing and choosing creatives

  • Developing the target audience based on your goals

  • Setting up landing pages for your ads

  • Launching and managing ads

  • Analyzing results and reporting

Price: from $795/month

We are certified by Facebook


Everyone uses Google. That’s a strong enough reason for your business to be there.  Google ads are EXTREMELY powerful, because they can bring your products and services right to the screens of the people who need them most.

  • Search Campaigns - for showing your offers to people already looking for your products or services

  • Display Campaigns - display your banners on thousands of websites

  • Video Campaigns -  demonstrate in action how your service/product can benefit your customers

  • Shopping Campaigns - if you want your product catalogs to be on Google Shopping. Trust us with your Google campaigns – simply tell us your targets and your budget, we will do the rest.

Price: from $795/month

We are certified by Google.

Influencer Marketing

Let potential customers hear about you from the people they already listen to and trust! No, we are not talking about their moms. We are talking about the huge variety of influencers we can connect you with. Influencers with thousands of real followers and proven to be effective collaborators. We get the cool kids to talk you up!

Plan A

WE: Research extensively to provide you with a list of 20/50/70/100 influencers whose posts will resonate with your target audience.

We provide you with stats, and weed out the weirdos. No time for the fake stuff and bots. YOU: Just contact influencers and start the collaboration!

Price: from $1000

Plan B

WE: Choose the influencers and the ideal type of deal (promotional post, ambassador program, account takeover, guest post, giveaway etc.), contact influencers and make it happen. Track the action and report to you on the results. YOU: Pick your nose, take selfies, do nothing.

Price: from $3500/month

Email Marketing

Got a database of your customers' emails and don’t know what to do with it? Make it WORK for you. Use it to drive more sales and increase your customers loyalty. We can do it for you:

  • Creating email strategy targeted on driving sales, increasing the subscribers and the Open Rate of each of your emails

  • Creating and delivering well designed, eye-catching emails to your customers email box, emails that just won’t stay unopened

  • Develop reactivation and triggering emails

  • Gamification of your emails – your clients will find your emails not only valuable, but extremely interesting to engage with

  • Track results and report to you

Price: from $795/month

Personalized GIFs For Instagram Stories

Take your Insta Stories to the next level with content as unique as you are - your personal customized GIF!

It's an awesome way:

  • To impress and engage your audience

  • To add branded content to your Insta Stories

  • To showcase your expertise (“She/he has branded GIFs! Might be popular blogger/business!”)


Content Production

Not a natural at content creation? Delegate it to us! We’ll take care of it (even remotely!):

  • Photography

  • Videos (promotional, slow motion, testimonials)

  • Motion graphics

  • Illustrations

  • Animation

  • Face filters for your Stories

  • Flatlays styling

  • Instagram Stories/Highlights

  • Channels styling (covers for Instagram Highlights, Facebook photo/video covers)

Price: from $50/piece



If you came here, you probably already follow us on Instagram @masha.socialmedia. You can definitely find tons of useful information there, written by Masha Varnavski, The Setters Agency Founder and SM expert with 10+ years of experience. You also can order her personal one-on-one consultation and get a social media plan tailored to your business needs. If you’re on the social media struggle bus just tell Masha all your problems and she will help you figure it out! (just keep in mind she is not a therapist tough love only).

Here is what you get in your personal consultation:

  • A full account diagnostic (if you already have one)

  • Customized plan for starting or growing your account including how-to’s for producing high-quality content; and making your page sell (if you own online business)

  • Detailed thoughtful replies to all the questions you can think of

Price: $319/1 hour

To order a consultation, please FILL OUT the form and proceed with payment:


Want to know how to shoot a photo that makes people double tap? How to write a caption that actually sells? How to gain new followers fast? How to choose the right influencers and not blow your budget? How to run Facebook and Instagram ads? If you are a beginner-blogger who wants to succeed, business owner on SM platforms and you want the tools to develop it on your own, or maybe you’re a social media specialist who wants cutting edge skills to push your career forward, welcome to The Setters Agency’s Social Media Academy! You will get all the information to be able to do what we do here, but on your own.

You’ll learn how to build Instagram strategies and what tactics to use, how to use your budget effectively, how to build an effective channel from scratch. No watered down, vague information, only specific step-by-step instructions: text lessons with hundreds examples, video lessons and webinars, downloadable guidebooks and materials.


Price: from $65


Chatbots are the future of social media marketing. They improve your customer support, collect customer’s data, re-target customers and make them come back hungry for more. They can announce your sales and promotions, follow up and provide additional services, make customers interact with your content on a weekly basis, read your newsletters, and enter your giveaways. Chatbots are a great tool to increase your website leads and sales. It’s much more effective than newsletters or posts, because it’s one-on-one communication.

They’re like scrubbing bubbles, doing all the work so you don’t have to! In addition, messages from chatbots have an extremely high Open Rate (over 80%!). Let us help you develop and install a chatbot designed especially for your needs.

  • Develop and launch your chatbot

  • Chatbot monthly technical support

Price: from $695

Web Development

Web Development with YOUR CUSTOMER in mind. When customer expectations are high, and competition is fierce, digital success for your business is determined by the CONVERSION POWER of your main asset – your website. We work on multiple fronts: user experience, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ease of use and technical details to turn your current assets into a money generating machine. Whether you need a simple landing page to get your business online, or a more complex eCommerce website, our web design team is always ready to take the extra mile to bring YOUR VISION to life.

Price: from $4000


We specialize in creating personalized message-matched landing page experiences specifically designed for your advertising campaigns.

Price: from $400



We can help you to organize an event starting from the logistics part (venue, reception, catering, press wall, etc.) through the social part (inviting influencers, launching Live Stream, promoting the event via ads). It doesn’t matter if it’s an annual party for your company, or a product launch or your wife’s birthday - we will rock it.

Price: TBD, depends on the event and your budget

(if you want us to invite Lady Gaga, it will be a bit more expensive).


Learn about the challenges we have faced, approaches we have used and the results we have achieved.



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We are certified by Meta and Google

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Medical Marketing

Are you an aesthetic provider/practice looking for marketing help?

We are ranked among the Top 20 Social Media Agencies recommended for Aesthetic Providers.
We manage marketing for over 40 aesthetic clients worldwide.
Discover what we can do for your practice!

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Meet our team of skilled professionals. We’re the ones who make the magic happen (with hard work of course).

  • Masha Varnavski

    Masha Varnavski

    Founder, CEO, Strategy Director

  • Alexx


    Production Director

  • Daria Larine


    Content Strategist, Copywriter

  • Sunay


    Paid Social / Messenger Marketing and Chatbot Manager

  • Julia Orlova


    Illustrator, Ideas Generator

  • Karina Armenopol


    Influencer Marketing Manager

  • Anel Yussupova


    Influencer Marketing Specialist

  • Meruyert Safar


    Influencer Marketing Specialist

  • Ann Bandura


    Head of PPC and Targeting Team, MBA in Operations Management

  • Alexander Lipitsky


    Graphic Designer

  • Ekitzel Wood


    Project manager

  • Victoria Sukhina


    Facebook Targeting Specialist

  • Ruben Gerad Mathew



  • Aksy Marushchak


    Targeting Specialist

  • Katy Tomilko


    Targeting Specialist

  • Katy Tomilko


    Influencer Marketing Specialist


What our

Check out what our clients say about our work and our results.

Initially we hired The Setters agency to help run Facebook and Instagram ads to sell my brand of fitness equipment. We were so happy with our Facebook ad results, we hired The Setters to work on our Google ads and email marketing, as well.

Right from the beginning of the campaign we noticed an increase of sales by 128% and reduction of Cost Per Purchase by 40%. I would highly recommend the Setters Agency if you are considering placing ads and are looking for the right marketing agency to work with.

Anastasiya Chirchenko, the Founder and CEO of RAKAMAKAFIT

The Setters Agency is an amazing social media agency for plastic surgeons. I have been working with them since May 2017. The results are stunning: My Instagram page grew from 30K followers to over 400K and became one of my main client sources. We used their services for content strategy, community management, Instagram ads, and influencers. I couldn’t be more satisfied. These guys know what they’re doing.

Vladislav Grigoryants, Plastic Surgeon, Russia

I am the owner of a boutique cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Fairfield county, CT. We selected the Setters Agency based on their reputation, and from previous experience of working with them on smaller projects.

Thanks to the efforts of The Setters Agency team, the company is seeing high ROI for both projects (Facebook ads and Google ads). The team's project management style was instrumental in organizing the workflow of the projects from the beginning. The company felt that the team had their best interests at heart.

Flora Levin, Plastic Surgeon, USA

I'm the owner of Studio Esthetique, cosmetic dermatology center with multiple locations in New York and over three decades in the business. We hired The Setters Agency to create Facebook and Instagram advertisement strategy.

The agency is also responsible for executions of FB & IG ad strategy, its management and reporting to our internal marketing team. The Setters Agency was able to deliver a successful digital marketing service. We noted a dramatic increase in leads compared to our previous service provider. The team provided effective communication and workflow throughout the project.

Vlad Byhovsky, AANP, RN, MSM, MBA

They’ve been really great and we’ve definitely noticed a big improvement in our leads, especially in Google. We’re also getting more qualified leads — more serious potential patients who are really interested in our services. Moreover, we’ve been doing a lot more consultations since we’ve started with them, just from getting more Google and Facebook leads. In connection with that, our sales have doubled if not tripled.

Dr. Dilip Madnani, Plastic Surgeon, MD, USA

The Setters Agency focused on social media marketing to help us attract more patients and get our content out there. Since we started working with The Setters Agency, we’ve gotten more followers and engagement on our social media pages.

We’ve also secured more patients who were looking to undergo procedures at our clinic, so overall, they’ve helped us tremendously. We’re impressed by the fact that we’ve seen an overall jump in our online engagement and inquiries, whereas we were missing those before. Their team always has a plan, and that plan is always achieved on time.

Dana Khuthaila, MD, USA

The Setters Agency is familiar with the spa industry and was able to create fun, engaging, and relevant content. They created content that improved our top metrics. The pages' visuals demonstrated success, as did the account's engagement rate, reach, and impression metrics. The team delivered on time and was responsive to last-minute changes! Thank you so much!

Katie Mann, DNP, Med Spa Owner, USA

We hired The Setters Agency to help with R.A.M Plastic Surgery’s social media marketing. We have so much on the plate with the list of surgeries, so we needed a company to help keep his social media up to par with our company.

We found The Setters Agency on Instagram and heard great things about the company.The Setters Agency comes out with stories and posts for R.A.M Plastic Surgery’s social media account. It is both informational as well as posts from surgeries the doctor has performed. What we find most impressive about the agency is their ability to come out with fresh content with little direction. They come up with ideas we may not know about to keep our audience engaged.They have adapted to work around the doctor’s schedule to help produce consistently professional posts.

Ramzen Azizi, MD, USA

The Setters Agency has created and managed our social media marketing (SMM) campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and Google Ads and Etsy campaigns. Since we started working with The Setters Agency, we’ve seen an overall increase in our main KPIs.

We’ve also seen an increase in our site’s traffic. Our customer acquisition cost (CAC) has gone down, and our average cart value has increased by 15%. The Setters Agency is the marketing agency I’ve worked with for the longest time. The Setters Agency is very proactive and good with follow-up. We have a monthly Zoom meeting to check the project’s progress. The Setters Agency also sends us a monthly report to show us the results of the SMM campaigns. These reports show how much money was invested in each channel, what the CAC was, and the overall ROI. I recommend potential customers trust The Setters Agency. They’re professionals and have broad experience. Let them do their work, and the results will speak for themselves.

Sebastian Scherrer, Founder and CEO, Plush Toys Company

The Setters Agency created my Instagram social media content and ads. They also handled my community management. We had an overall increase in engagement, brand awareness, and followers. I used to manage my social media but didn’t know what to do. The Setters Agency implemented strategies to increase our engagement. I had such a fantastic experience working with The Setters Agency!

Dr. Ayah Siddiqi, Aesthetics Practitioner, Cosmetic Dentist, UK

We've certainly enjoyed working with The Setters team, and appreciate the great results achieved for us to date.The Setters has been incredibly responsive and thorough from the start, and we truly appreciate the hard work and dedication Natasha and the rest of team have given these last few months. The Setters team have been terrific in every way, so much so that we have already recommended them to others in the industry.

Karen Rosbrook & Leesa Butler, Clinic Directors, ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, Canada

Masha is very well-versed and educated on social media. I found her advice to be very helpful and hope to incorporate her ideas soon! She also had great information on outside resources to polish the look of social media posts. I think Masha is a great resource for anyone that is starting their Instagram page and looking to do it correctly from the start!

Sarmela Sunder, Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills

When I saw that Masha was offering consults to review your Instagram page, I had to jump at the opportunity. I’ve been following her page for some time and her knowledge and insights on her posts have been a great resource.

I do all my own IG posting and although I was happy with my page, I am far from a social media expert. I knew that having her experienced eye reviewing my page would only help. She gave me great insight into things I could be doing better and differently to not only help my page grow, but to help my engagement with my followers which means so much. Thanks Masha!!🙌🏻 🙌🏻

Joseph Michaels, Plastic surgeon, Body contour/After weight loss expert, USA

Our main targets were to grow our Instagram page, find brand ambassadors and bloggers to promote our cosmetology services and, of course, get new clients.

Before we started working with Masha & her team we had no content strategy in place, our Instagram page had only 7000 followers and wasn’t successful in bringing us new clients. Everything changed since we started working with Masha and her team. Right now, we have a lot of followers and we continue working with them on increasing our Instagram sales. We’re 100% satisfied with the services we’re getting.

Olga, PR Manager, Russia

When I finally decided i should go on with my Instagram account of my business there was no other expert than Masha. I know her as the great expert in what relates to social media.

She shares just 1% of her knowledge in her posts, so i recommend to have personal consultation where she opens up. All insights and tricks on how to make successful business page, how to run ads, what should be your strategy, what should be researched and what can be your strongest part. I am very thankful to Masha for that session, she well structured everything in my mind and gave a great understanding of what are the bases of account promotion.

Asem Kun, Head Of Marketing at Astana Motors, Kazakhstan

I am really grateful for the time they spent reviewing my insta business account and recommending the strategies for achieving the initial objectives of mine. I plan on following up with the directions they gave me right away. Thank you guys so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me :)

Karina Armenopol, Business Owner, Kazakhstan

I would like to thank one amazing professional, Masha, for an incredible help and expertise provided to help me run my business Instagram NA Jewelry account successfully!

She has given very clear and specific introductions on the strategy I should use to promote my Jewelry business, as well as she guided me through certain steps to understand my audience and final customer needs and expectations. She has plenty of tips and tricks on how to boost your account and I would definitely recommend Masha as a social media expert and consultant!

Nata Patton, Business Owner @na_banglebracelets, China

Initially I was working with Masha (one-on-one consulting). Then I decided to go further and hired Masha’s agency to develop the social presence in WeChat and help me to get more clients/orders.

The guys conducted an audit of my current channels and developed content strategy for each of them. I couldn’t believe but social media posts can actually bring clients! They managed to prove it to me.😀
Masha’s team is truly amazing to work with. I feel like they have a grasp of who I am and the voice that I wanted to use. What I like the most - they provide services on-time and on-budget. On-budget is a key word for such a small business like mine. Thank you guys!

Nika Mirzoyan, Founder & Chef, Patisserie de Nicole, China

Dear Masha! I’m so glad that I found out you and received your consultation regarding the social media. It has been a real brainstorm for me with plenty of useful tips and smart tricks, which I have gotten during our session.

Briefly, your consultation has been smart, volume and motivational to start for use Instagram in a proper way🎯 I would say you provide you clients with an intelligible “User manual”. Appreciate your help and explanation. Many thanks P. S. Now I know who I can recommend as a social media expert 😉 @@masha.socialmedia only

Dr.Valeriia, cosmetologist & esthetician, Kuwait

Thank you Masha for amazing consultation and guidance!
🤗😍So much useful and very clear information! 📖It was great to understand what my business needs from social media and learn how to use it with most of the benefits within my scope and my budget💸💸💸
So looking forward to start working together with such professional and talented team😉

Valeriya, Founder & Chief Aesthetics Officer,, USA

A huge thank you for a no-nonsense audit of my Instagram account.
- A thoughtful breakdown of all the positives and negatives;
- Personalized walkthrough of ideas to be proud of and areas of improvement;

- Tons of suggestions on how to find my niche and adequately compare my performance against the competition or similar accounts;
- Useful tools for organic growth;
- No cheating, just tips and tricks that simply work.
Now, I just have to find time and patience to follow the plan and not be lazy. Thank you, Masha

Inga, blogger @vintagecarre, USA

I just wanted to thank Masha. I'm from generation that gets intimidated by social media. And being in business for long time was hopping that I can stay away from it but I guess nothing is permanent except for change.

So I'm also realizing now that I need help in using Instagram to my advantage.I feel that consulting with Masha was a best decision I've made. To my surprise she knew my account really well.I could’ve not put my finger on what it is, that I’m struggling with.All I knew that it was not up to my standards or liking. Masha helped me to develop a strategy, and define mine goals.She gave me tools that I would have never found on my own. As the result, I absolutely LOVE how my first post turned out after our conversation. An hour of your consultation will benefit for many years to come.

Inna Prokopenko, Esthetician, Allergan trainer, USA

Thank you for your amazing knowledge and expertise! Very informative and helpful!

Jules Walters, MD, President of LA Society of Plastic Surgeons, USA

Masha, your consult was super helpful. I took many pages of notes during our initial call and I was able to implement tons of your advice. Now I’m actually enjoying working on my social media because I see the authentic engagement from my current and future clients.

Kristen Cantwell, Founder of Vitality Aesthetic, USA

Thank you, Masha! You are truly a rare gem to find these days. Your knowledge and expertise in marketing is unmeasurable. We enjoyed every minute of our consultation with you. Many thanks again for sharing insightful and helpful advice to help us improve our marketing strategy and content!

Patrick Hsu, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Founder of Memorial Plastic Surgery, USA

Masha… I’m still digesting this incredible meeting today. Thank you so much for taking the time and speaking with us. Your thoroughness and insight were truly incredible. I am very excited about the ideas you gave us and have already started implementing team. Really looking forward to our growth!

Joubin Gabbay, Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, USA

I had experience before with different agencies and I could not compare it with The Setters. Super professional, super knowledgeable! I had private consultation with Masha and it was totally worth it.

I expected to get from this consultation the strategy how to expand my Instagram, my business sales.But Masha gave me so much more. It was a lot of useful information two hours went like 5 mins.Like wow! Still digesting it and have so many tools right now! She is the gold! I was already so given up on my Instagram but Masha light the fire so now I’m so inspired to do it right.
Thank you sooo much!

Anastasia Kulinich, Founder and CEO, OM Juice Bar

Our consultation with Masha was great. We ❤️ all the information she gave us. She answered all of our questions before we even had a chance to ask. This was money well spent for the growth of our business.

Claudia Aceves, owner of Vanidosa Beauty, USA

I want to express my immense gratitude to The Setters Agency for the excellent work over the years, the prompt execution of tasks, and the outstanding quality of work!

Albina Kozyreva, Head of Eurokappa Academy, leading European manufacturer of aligners



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