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The Setters Agency is a marketing agency with distinct expertise in servicing the elective healthcare industry. We are ranked among the Top 20 Social Media Agencies recommended for aesthetic providers. We work with over 40 aesthetic clients worldwide, including plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, cosmetic dermatologists, medical spas, injectors, and more. We specialize in custom-tailored digital marketing solutions spanning Instagram and TikTok content marketing, PPC and paid social, email marketing, website development, and more—all designed to drive new patient inquiries.

Instagram Management

The Setters Agency focused on social media marketing to help us attract more patients and get our content out there. Since we started working with The Setters Agency, we’ve gotten more followers and engagement on our social media pages.We’ve also secured more patients who were looking to undergo procedures at our clinic, so overall, they’ve helped us tremendously. We’re impressed by the fact that we’ve seen an overall jump in our online engagement and inquiries, whereas we were missing those before. Their team always has a plan, and that plan is always achieved on time.

Dana Khuthaila, MD, USA

We run Instagram marketing for 40+ aesthetic providers. Our main goal is to make an Instagram profile for aesthetic providers that is not only visually appealing and engaging but also a primary driver of sales. We specialize in growing followers for aesthetic providers from scratch to over 500,000.
We are experts in handling accounts with "dead" engagement and fake followers. Our focus is on aesthetic marketing, so we know exactly what types of Reels and Stories are needed to drive sales. Our copywriters are adept at writing about medical issues and conditions.

Here are our average results for accounts with 5K+ followers:

  1. After 3-4 months of working with us, 80% of our clients notice a 3-4x increase in engagement.
  2. After 4-6 months of working with us, 60% of our clients observe growth in leads, sales and patients generated by their Instagram.
  3. After 6-10 months of working with us, 100% of our clients who have never bought fake followers before coming to us notice stable monthly growth on Instagram.
  4. We do not bring bots or any fake activity.

The Setters Agency is familiar with the spa industry and was able to create fun, engaging, and relevant content. They created content that improved our top metrics. The pages' visuals demonstrated success, as did the account's engagement rate, reach, and impression metrics. The team delivered on time and was responsive to last-minute changes! Thank you so much!

Katie Mann, DNP, Med Spa Owner, USA

The Setters Agency is an amazing social media agency for plastic surgeons. I have been working with them since May 2017. The results are stunning: My Instagram page grew from 30K followers to over 400K and became one of my main client sources. We used their services for content strategy, community management, Instagram ads, and influencers. I couldn’t be more satisfied. These guys know what they’re doing.

Vladislav Grigoryants, Plastic Surgeon, Russia

Our specialized marketing strategies are designed to attract and retain real followers, ultimately increasing patient inquiries and driving business growth for doctors and injectors.

Paid social (Meta, TikTok, YouTube ads) and PPC (Google, Bing, Baidu ads)

If you're struggling to attract new patients, our paid social and PPC services deliver immediate results. We prioritize data-driven, sales-oriented approaches. We measure success by the number of new patients and sales generated, not just impressions or clicks. Over the last five years, we've developed a winning strategy that works for 90% of our clients.

I am the owner of a boutique cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Fairfield county, CT. We selected the Setters Agency based on their reputation, and from previous experience of working with them on smaller projects.Thanks to the efforts of The Setters Agency team, the company is seeing high ROI for both projects (Facebook ads and Google ads). The team's project management style was instrumental in organizing the workflow of the projects from the beginning. The company felt that the team had their best interests at heart.

Flora Levin, Plastic Surgeon, USA

They’ve been really great and we’ve definitely noticed a big improvement in our leads, especially in Google. We’re also getting more qualified leads — more serious potential patients who are really interested in our services. Moreover, we’ve been doing a lot more consultations since we’ve started with them, just from getting more Google and Facebook leads. In connection with that, our sales have doubled if not tripled.

Dr. Dilip Madnani, Plastic Surgeon, MD, USA

Our strategy includes:

  1. Creating attractive creatives with compelling offers and precise targeting to enhance Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  2. Implementing a well-structured landing page to improve Visit-to-Lead Rate.
  3. Providing sales scripts designed to convert leads to patients for aesthetic practices, whether through phone calls or WhatsApp messages.

Email marketing

We strongly advocate for leveraging email marketing within the aesthetic niche. Leads that remain unconverted through phone calls, Instagram, or text/messaging channels can find conversion potential within the next year for plastic surgeons and dentists, and within 2-3 months for injectors, med spas, and estheticians.

We hired The Setters Agency to help with R.A.M Plastic Surgery’s social media marketing. We have so much on the plate with the list of surgeries, so we needed a company to help keep his social media up to par with our company.We found The Setters Agency on Instagram and heard great things about the company.The Setters Agency comes out with stories and posts for R.A.M Plastic Surgery’s social media account. It is both informational as well as posts from surgeries the doctor has performed. What we find most impressive about the agency is their ability to come out with fresh content with little direction. They come up with ideas we may not know about to keep our audience engaged.They have adapted to work around the doctor’s schedule to help produce consistently professional posts.

Ramzen Azizi, MD, USA

I'm the owner of Studio Esthetique, cosmetic dermatology center with multiple locations in New York and over three decades in the business. We hired The Setters Agency to create Facebook and Instagram advertisement strategy.The agency is also responsible for executions of FB & IG ad strategy, its management and reporting to our internal marketing team. The Setters Agency was able to deliver a successful digital marketing service. We noted a dramatic increase in leads compared to our previous service provider. The team provided effective communication and workflow throughout the project.

Vlad Byhovsky, AANP, RN, MSM, MBA

Open rates of the newsletters range between 30 to 40%, enabling our aesthetic clients to convert leads faster. How do we achieve this result? We don't just sell via emails. We educate, entertain, and build trust with potential patients.

Influencer marketing

Do you want Instagram & TikTok influencers to talk about your practice and your treatments? We will find the best local influencers who can create content for you, showcase your practice from the inside, and share your results with their followers.

The Setters Agency created my Instagram social media content and ads. They also handled my community management. We had an overall increase in engagement, brand awareness, and followers. I used to manage my social media but didn’t know what to do. The Setters Agency implemented strategies to increase our engagement. I had such a fantastic experience working with The Setters Agency!

Dr. Ayah Siddiqi, Aesthetics Practitioner, Cosmetic Dentist, UK

Website development

We've certainly enjoyed working with The Setters team, and appreciate the great results achieved for us to date.The Setters has been incredibly responsive and thorough from the start, and we truly appreciate the hard work and dedication Natasha and the rest of team have given these last few months. The Setters team have been terrific in every way, so much so that we have already recommended them to others in the industry.

Karen Rosbrook & Leesa Butler, Clinic Directors, ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, Canada

We develop and maintain websites for aesthetic businesses. Whether you need to build a website from scratch or regularly update your current website, we can help. We know how to create websites that are cost-effective yet effective in converting visitors into paying patients (we do this consistently when building landing pages for our clients' ad campaigns).